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Relapse prevention goes beyond abstaining from the substance of abuse. Many drinkers and drug addicts who have undergone treatment may experience a relapse after a period of abstinence. Individuals struggling with chemical dependency sometimes find it hard to deal with temptations. Relapse prevention truly begins before users even have a chance to relapse. Patients undergoing addiction treatment are taught relapse prevention approaches through different therapies and other types of programs.  Some recovering individuals are not taught how to identify and deal with relapse warning signs.  These patients don’t deal with these signs until the pain becomes unbearable. Call an Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah at 786-972-3360 to find a facility or group therapy in Hialeah that meets your needs.

Relapse warning signs

Relapse can happen suddenly. People dealing with drug or alcohol abuse should prevent sudden relapses by identifying and understanding the warning signs of addiction and issues associated with relapse. Causes vary for each individual and condition.  Some common causes of relapse may include psychological triggers, social circumstances and physical problems.

Some specific circumstances that may lead individuals struggling with substance dependence to relapse may include:

  • Health complications
  • Divorce or separation
  • Social issues
  • Isolation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Employment status

It’s important to consider a few things such as relapse triggers when planning for relapse prevention. The user needs to understand that he or she is not in control of his or her life. Although individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse can make positive changes to reduce relapse triggers in their lives, sometimes they may have to deal with strong cravings.

Avoiding slippery situations that might lead the recovering addict to relapse can help moderate cravings for drugs or alcohol. It is possible to avoid locations where the substance is available. Some users should avoid bars or clubs or any event that may trigger a relapse. Others should avoid relatives or friends who used to do drugs with them. Hanging out with sober people is also a good idea. When users cannot avoid circumstances or temptations that may cause a relapse, they should ask friends, family or sponsors to attend the event with them.

The role of therapy

Several recovery tools such as family programs, individual and group therapy can help addicts prevent a relapse. Family therapy, for instance, has played an important role in the treatment of individuals with chemical dependency problems. Members of the family can help one another and heal what’s broken through counseling sessions. Family-involved therapy, on the other hand, has a more educational approach. Families address relationship issues associated with or leading to substance abuse. Individual and group therapy focus more on the individual. During an individual counseling session, the therapist listens and responds to the patient’s concerns. Group therapy, on the other hand, may include more interaction with people. Some group members may have things in common, while others come from different backgrounds.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, dial 786-972-3360 to find help before a relapse occurs. Counselors are available to help you in your struggle with chemical dependency and help you find the best program at Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah.

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