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Recovery and sobriety are two fundamental factors for individuals struggling with an addiction. During recovery, patients learn how to stay sober. Since substance abuse is a life-long battle, it is important to understand that recovery and sobriety, although different from each other, are also similar in many ways. Sobriety can be quite intimidating for people with chemical dependency problems during the initial phases of recovery because the body often tries to respond differently.  Your whole body may experience severe withdrawal symptoms during recovery.

Practicing total abstinence is the only way to stop repeating past behaviors. The safest way to practice sober living is to find a recovery treatment center that combines different types of therapies in order to ensure success.  Regardless of the method employed during recovery to maintain sobriety, the most important thing needed is commitment.  Users should be committed to abstain from the substance of abuse.

Many addicts have gone through enough pain in their life. They feel recovery will be an unfamiliar and painful process with no end. It’s important to remember that therapy centers can provide tools to help patients cope with their addiction struggles. If you are beginning a recovery program it may take some time to commit to abstinence. Patients should stick with the program and allow time for recovery. Several Hialeah addiction recovery programs can help you in your struggle with chemical dependency. For more info, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah at 786-972-3360.

Dealing with Mental Urges

When individuals struggling with substance abuse think they will be able to control their use. However, they will discover that’s far from reality. Oftentimes, one drink may lead to more drinks. People struggling with substance dependency often feel disappointed after a relapse and that they are caught in a vicious cycle. Users should remind themselves of the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Users should not join recovery programs to please their loved ones, but they should do so when they feel ready to make a commitment.

Being able to tell someone about their cravings and desire to use can help patients during recovery. Sharing may help these urges to disappear, as well as hold the addict accountable for their actions. Users can also benefit from distractions. Although it may feel like an eternity, most cravings will only last 15 minutes.  Staying busy or finding something to do will distract their minds from the turmoil and temptations. Going out for a walk, exercising, or any other activity that distracts the addict from harmful thoughts can also lessen the intensity of the cravings.


Many recovery tools can help addicts during recovery treatment. Combining different types of therapies such as family, individual and group therapy, can help users identify the initial warning signs of relapse, and understand the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug use. Recovery is a process that often requires professional assistance. Once a physical relapse occurs and the user continues to indulge in drug abuse, medical intervention is necessary.  Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah now at 786-972-3360.

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