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It is important to understand that individuals struggling with addiction can also suffer from chronic pain. Doctors often try non-opioid analgesics first to treat these patients, but chronic pain can often be resistant to non-opioids.  Opioids become the only alternative left to treat the patient. Therapy can also be used during chronic pain management.  Users are encouraged to be engaged in addiction treatment by attending counseling or 12 step meetings.  People who abuse drugs or alcohol to deal with chronic pain need therapy for their stress in order to find complete healing. Find addiction therapy in Hialeah.  With a unique approach to chronic pain management, users find their stay and recovery a pleasant one.

Various individuals are prescribed medications for chronic pain management. Although these medications are intended for short-term use, some conditions may require a longer period of time to recover. Patients end up taking opioids such as Hydrocodone and Oxycontin for chronic pain management and to alleviate the symptoms.  This can lead to tolerance, abuse and dependence.

Some of these drugs can be very effective in dealing with physical pain but they can also make the patient feel good emotionally. This can be very dangerous as some individuals find it difficult to stop taking them due to emotional dependence.  Pain medications have the potential to gradually begin controlling decision making, relationships mood swings and weaken health in the user.

An affective chronic pain management program recognizes the physical and emotional components related to pain medication dependence. Both of these issues need to be addressed in order to have an effective recovery. Medical and behavioral health professionals, work closely with patients to treat the physical and emotional facets of withdrawal and monitor the symptoms that may persist. If you need help to manage your pain and wish for a life free from drug dependence, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah now at 786-972-3360.

Reducing the risks

Individuals who have experienced traumas in their lives are at risk for substance dependence once they start taking pain medications. Even if there is no family history of chemical dependency, patients should consider finding ways to lessen such risks. Some things that may help patients with these disorders may include:

  • Considering non-opioid medications to manage pain. Opioids are not the only solution to treat your pain. There are other medications out there to alleviate your pain.
  • Find other alternative pain treatment. There are many options in complementary and alternative medicine for pain management. Some common examples are acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, biofeedback, massage therapy, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.

Pain and addiction

Pain and substance dependence often co-occur. Since they both involve unusual neural processing, they have physical and psychological shared patterns.  Both of these conditions vary in intensity and require ongoing treatment.   Treating one condition or disorder may conflict with treating the other. For example, a medication prescribed for chronic pain may be unsuitable for a patient struggling with an addiction.  Both of these conditions, pain and chemical dependency, must be treated accordingly at the same time. Sometimes, people dealing with emotional pain may experience depression and anxiety. In order to alleviate the symptoms associated with these conditions they self-medicate drugs or alcohol to lessen their physical and emotional pain. Likewise, individuals with chronic pain are at risk of cross-addiction to medicine for pain. This co-occurring condition is called dual diagnosis.

Educating Patients

Patients should be taught about the nature of treatment during recovery. Education is important since it helps the patient understand medication responses, alleviates fears about some types of treatment or medication, and improves satisfaction with the treatment by encouraging genuine expectations. Patients also have a chance to express their concerns, and strengthen their relationship with the doctor or addiction professional treating them. If you are struggling with prescription drug abuse find the professional help you need. To treat addiction to drugs, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah now at 786-972-3360.

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