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Heroin Addiction

heroin-addiction-huntington-ny As heroin addiction ravages Florida communities, people are trying to figure out what’s driving the continuous rise. Many blame doctors for injudicious prescribing of opiate drugs. Patients that become addicted to pain medication naturally turn to heroin when cost and availability of prescription drugs prohibit getting them. Although much has bee... Read More →

Marijuana Dependence Gets Florida Men Arrested

Two Florida men selling produce were arrested after a search of their refrigerated truck revealed 218 pounds of marijuana in duct-taped bundles. Officers in Tennessee stopped their tractor-tra... Read More →

Alcohol Rehab

Individuals battling an addiction to alcohol find it difficult to seek assistance for their struggles with substance dependency. Alcohol rehab is one of the best options to deal with alcoholism. A good alcohol rehab program can help addicts to detox from al... Read More →

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