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Intervention is a professional process to educate patients and their families about the signs of addiction and effects of long term alcoholismIntervention assists individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse with the recovery tools to find out the common causes for their struggles.  The main goal of intervention is for drug users or alcoholics to admit they have a problem and consequently need professional help. Intervention focuses on teaching and providing valuable information to the struggling addict’s friends and family.  A meeting is scheduled with the person that needs help for addiction. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together and discuss important information that could benefit the addict’s recovery and help him or her make a final decision to seek treatment.

Family and friends worried about their loved one’s use of alcohol or drugs, are often confused and concerned about what to do.  Families always hope things will get better and often struggle to admit that there’s a problem. Addiction is a dangerous and complex disease which needs intervention. If you are worried about your loved one’s struggles with addiction now is the time to get professional assistance. Call 786-972-3360 and find help for your family’s needs.

Most of us approach, alcohol and drug problems from a common sense understanding of what we think might help.  In fact, we often make the problem worse for us and the person we are concerned about.

Educating family is the first goal in intervention.  The first step is learning new information about the issues we are dealing with, which may include:

  • The effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the individual
  • How alcohol and drug use affects the user, friends and the  family  individually and as a whole
  • Steps to take that could help on making the right decision about which substance abuse program to pick

The most effective interventions are directed by professionals.  The interventionist works closely with the person struggling with addictive behavior to determine who should participate in the intervention. Whether relatives, partners, co-workers or friends this atmosphere of discussion can be very productive.  The right people should be involved during an intervention in order to guarantee its success.

If you need help to understand the wide variety of addiction treatment and alcohol and drug counseling options available for your condition, call now 786-972-3360.  We will help you take the right steps during recovery. Qualified counseling professionals who specialize in specialized interventions are ready to guide you through a safe recovery. We can facilitate discussions with the addicted person, and help to build the foundation for drug rehab treatment. Sometimes the alcoholic or addict is ready for treatment immediately. In those cases, therapists can help with the admission process and find a suitable therapy center that meets the patient’s needs. If you would like to talk to a counselor, give us a call. The power of an intervention comes from having the participants show compassion during the counseling sessions and expressing their concerns before the user hits bottom.

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