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Many individuals, who drink excessively, and on a regular basis, may not understand that this behavior can lead to alcohol addiction. The professionals with Alcohol Treatment Centers in Hialeah, FL are dedicated to helping those whose lives have been affected by this disease. Admitting there is a problem is the first step to getting help. Finding the right treatment center that will fit the addict’s specific needs is essential to the recovery process. Alcohol Treatment Centers in Hialeah provide patients with the utmost professional care and treatment programs to help them start a healthy, drug-free life.
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Addiction Treatment

An individual struggling with an addiction to alcohol has a higher chance for a successful recovery if they are committed and determined to getting better. Building up, and maintaining motivation is an important and necessary component of alcoholism treatment. The first phase of care begins with an in-depth evaluation to determine what issues need to be addressed during treatment and to assess what drug or drugs are in the patient’s system. Based on the patient’s specific needs, qualified professionals can plan out a course of treatment.

Alcohol detox is usually the next step in the process. This is a method by which the body rids itself of the harmful toxins over a period of time. Medical staff is on hand to manage and treat any withdrawal symptoms that patients may experience during detox.
Once the detox process is complete, patients will begin counseling to address the psychological issues associated with their alcoholism. During therapy, individuals learn to identify triggers and stressors and learn techniques to better deal with them and resist cravings. Alcohol Treatment Centers in Hialeah provide an experienced and professional staff that helps individuals learn how to say no to situations that my trigger their addiction.
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Myths and Truths about Addiction

    • Myth: Willpower is all someone needs to quit.
    • Truth: Addiction is a disease that changes the chemistry and physiology of the brain. When users try to quit, their bodies cannot physically handle the withdrawal, and their cravings are overwhelming. They have become physically dependent on the drug. The most effective method of recovery involves addiction treatment, preferably in an inpatient residential facility.
    • Myth: Drug addiction does not affect the user’s family.
    • Truth: Unless the individual lives alone, and does not associate with anyone else, addiction affects everyone around them. When people use drugs, they begin to act differently. For example, their once kind demeanor may turn into aggression or anger; they may start to neglect their priorities at home or at work, and unfortunately, some even become violent or abusive toward their loved ones.
    • Myth: Alcohol is not a drug.
    • Truth: Alcohol can be as dangerous as any other drug when consumed excessively. Alcohol contains toxins, which the body rejects. Consumption of this drug can have serious effects on the brain, and can lead to addiction.
      The counselors at the Alcohol Treatment Centers Hialeah work to understand each person’s individual needs. Call 786-972-3360 and discuss the recovery process. It is never too late to begin the journey to recovery.

About Hialeah

Hialeah (pronounced haɪəˈliːə/), which means “pretty prairie” is located in Miami-Dade County, and is a major municipality in the Greater Miami district. Located in the Southern tip of Florida, Hialeah has a quarter of a million residents. Its large Latin American population provides a vibrant community made up of small businesses, including eateries, cafes and shops filled with locally-made products.
Hialeah has the small town feel with big city amenities, having the city of Miami nearby. Hialeah also offers quarter horse racing, aquatic centers, tennis centers and more than 100 acres of public parks.

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